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How A CFO Service Can Boost A Startups Financial Health

Most startups are on a tightrope when it comes to funds. And appointing a CFO would be the last thing on the mind of a startup owner. The general mindset is that CFOs are for multi-million dollar corporations, and startups don’t need them. However, this is a...

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What Is Internal Control?

In accounting, a key term to know is “internal control.” Internal control is the series of processes and procedures that are performed within the organization to ensure the integrity and accuracy of the financial information and reporting of that organization....

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Top 10 IRS Income Tax Audit Triggers

1. You did not report all your income.  easiest to avoid, more overlooked, Auto audit – at least letter audit 2. You took the home office deduction. 3. Claiming 100% of Business use of a Vehicle – Need specific purpose. 4. You had unusually large business expenses. –...

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