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Companies search for the best products to support the needs of their employees and their business. However, sometimes a company purchases a product that “everyone” is using which is highly recommended, only to discover that it does not suit their needs. One FinAccurate client found themselves in this very situation. They were using SAGE – a fine product – but one that was overkill for what our client needed. SAGE has functionality they did not access or need. SAGE required local servers, set-up, monitoring and maintenance by local IT on the top of SAGE support. For this client, the cost of using SAGE was expensive and onerous.

When FinAccurate consulted with this client we advised them that they would benefit from converting from SAGE to QuickBooks Online and that we could assist them in the conversion without any interruption to their business. The client was enthusiastic about us undertaking the conversion. There are three stages to the conversion:

  • Data Cleansing and Readiness
  • Set up Master Data in QuickBooks
  • Transfer Financial Statement Account Balances

Data cleansing requires a review of customers, vendors, product descriptions and pricing, chart of accounts and marking data that needs to be transferred to QuickBooks. Next, customer and vendor balances must be reviewed to clear old balances such as uncollectable funds. Then there is a thorough review of the balance sheet and the P&L statements to clear old balances, Accounts with no activity etc.

Once the data is prepared it must be extracted from SAGE, mapped to QuickBooks templates and imported into QuickBooks Online. There is detailed work involved at this stage since the two platforms do not have the same requirements. Templates and manual work are needed to make sure the Master data is set up correctly in QuickBooks. Once the transfer is complete a verification that all Master data has transferred correctly is performed.

Transferring balances is the final step in the process. There are numerous balances to transfer: customer open balances, vendor open balances and account balances. Ideally account balances will be completed for the month in SAGE and a new month will begin with QuickBooks Online. The FinAccurate team worked closely with the client to ensure that all transactions were transferred.

QuickBooks Online offers our client a reduced cost and an easier to manage accounting software to suit their needs.

The FinAccurate team can facilitate a software conversion of this scale without any interruption in business. If you are looking to convert your accounting software to better meet your needs, let’s talk. We would welcome the opportunity to help you and your business.

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