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Child Care Centers

We Take Care of You While You Take Care of the Children

Owning and running a childcare facility has never been more important to our economic recovery. Your business is instrumental in helping women get back to work. That’s why at FinAccurate, we’re focused on helping business owners who offer childcare services optimize their operations and profitability, even if they have been hit hard by recent losses.

Do you find yourself in any of these situations?

  • Running at less than full capacity with a need to increase enrollment
  • Racking up expenses with no budget or being unsure of where all the money was going
  • Getting parents to pay timely while maintain a good relationship with them
  • Experiencing seasonal cash flow shortages, especially in the summer
  • Trying to reduce staff turnover and teacher costs while meeting regulatory requirements
  • Scratching your head at whether you can afford to expand or remodel
  • Wondering which centers are more profitable than others
  • Spending too much time doing repetitive clerical tasks

If you said yes to any of these, then you’re in the perfect place to find out more about FinAccurate and how we can help your childcare business run more smoothly.

Many childcare business owners don’t know where they stand financially, so you are not alone if you are unsure of your business’s profitability. Some entrepreneurs have even been operating at a loss without realizing it.

Knowing your net profit margin is the perfect place to start.  While a low industry average for your childcare business net profit margin ranges from 9.5 to 13 percent of revenue, we like to aim for at least 20 percent with our clients.

The types of services we offer that can help you achieve your financial goals as well as boost your peace of mind include:

  • Catching up your bookkeeping records if they are behind or need cleaning up
  • Delivering monthly bookkeeping and accounting services including reconciliations, accounts receivable, and accounts payable management
  • Providing you with accurate and timely financial reports so you can make better business decisions and know exactly where you stand
  • Recommending accounting software tools to boost your efficiency and cut down on routine tasks
  • Offering advisory services such as cash flow planning, budgeting, and business consulting
  • Providing tax preparation and planning services

Complimentary Consult

Let FInAccurate take care of your financials while you take care of the children in your charge.  Please give us a call or email us to schedule a free consult to discuss your childcare business accounting needs.

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