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Sometimes there is that gray area where other business service providers envision potential conflict or overlap. When it comes to how FinAccurate works with our clients’ CPAs, there is no gray area and no overlap. It works like a well-oiled machine. We do what we do well and enable the CPAs to spend more of their time doing what they do well.

Specifically, by working together, CPAs can focus on the high value services that they provide including tax planning, tax preparation and advising the CEO. At FinAccurate, we function as our client’s outsourced accounting department.  Our focus is on providing timely, accurate and thorough financials so that our clients, CEOs of growing B2B companies, can make informed decisions. Given our in-depth accounting knowledge, we offer our clients and their CPAs many benefits.

CPAs consistently highlight the following benefits of having mutual clients:

  • FinAccurate proactively provides CPAs with the complete financial package needed to prepare Federal and State taxes. We understand the information CPAs need to prepare tax filings and plan for and deliver all supporting documentation including relevant schedules, reconciliations and supporting external evidence.
  • We build a mutually beneficial relationship where CPAs commonly contact FinAccurate directly to get the information needed rather than having to bother the CEO.
  • Thorough, accurate and reliable. FinAccurate prepares monthly financial packages that are reviewed with the CEO. The CEO signs off on the financials, so the CEO knows the month is closed and approved.
  • No Surprises. We communicate regularly with each other including before transactions are completed to ensure proper tax accounting. This ongoing practice eliminates unwelcome surprises at tax time as together we are proactively considering tax liability.

We believe we all should play to our strengths. CEOs should not be buried in bank reconciliations and CPAs should not be burdened with day to day debits and credits. We do not prepare or file taxes, but we will deliver to you, our client’s CPA, complete, accurate and timely packages to ensure you have what you need for the benefit of our mutual clients.

“I referred FinAccurate to one of my clients. For two years, my client is happy and we, as his CPAs, count on FinAccurate for thorough, accurate and timely financial records. The relationship works great. FinAccurate offers a high quality, efficient solution combined with business acumen not found with similar alternatives. I will continue to recommend their services.”

Howard Flitt, CPA
Founding Partner, Paresky, Flitt & Co.

If you wish your clients were providing you with accurate financials on a timely basis, let’s talk. We would welcome the opportunity to help you and your clients.

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