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We are a leading bookkeeping and accounting firm dedicated to simplifying your financial operations. From accurate record-keeping to strategic financial guidance, we have the expertise to drive your business forward.

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About Jayanti Ganapathy

Jayanthi “Jay” Ganapathy is the Founder and CEO of FinAccurate LLC, an accounting firm that delivers business sense. With a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance from the University of Madras, Jay is a certified cost accountant and a Chartered Accountant, holding a FICO certification.

Jay is dedicated to helping small business owners achieve their goals and increase cash flow through high-quality outsourced bookkeeping and accounting services. With extensive experience in various accounting roles at Philips Electronics, including Assistant Manager of Financial Services, Financial Accountant, Corporate Accountant, and Manager of Accounting Operations, Jay has a proven track record in handling general accounting functions, transaction processing, account analysis, reconciliations, and fixed asset and inventory/cost accounting.

Since starting FinAccurate in 2015, Jay has been committed to bringing about better processes, lowering risks, and increasing value for her clients. 

Trust Jay and the FinAccurate team to deliver top-notch accounting services and help your business thrive.

Our Mission Statement & Core Values

We help our clients create a long-term wealth legacy by reducing their tax liability.


True growth doesn’t happen by accident. Accountability is central to success. We’re in the business of accounting and therefore should hold ourselves accountable.


Excel at whatever you have to do. Just being good isn’t good enough, we strive to live in a constant state of excellence. By operating in excellence we can change our and our clients life’s as well.


We do things we say we are going to do, without exception. This dedication to discipline starts at the individual level. If we cannot lead ourselves well we cannot lead our clients.


At the end of the day, only result matters. Our clients hire us to do one thing; reduce their tax liability. Every service offering that we provide and every key performance indicator that we track is designed to deliver tax savings.

Top Strategies

What We Provide You...

Tax Preparation, Planning & Advisory Services

Accurate and strategic tax solutions tailored to your needs.

CFO services

Access to experienced financial experts for executive-level guidance.

Cash Flow Forecast Services

Projections to help you make informed financial decisions.

Accounting Services

Comprehensive support for accurate and reliable financial records.

Cash flow management

Strategies to optimize cash flow and financial stability.

Bookkeeping Services

Efficient and organized management of your financial transactions.

Tax Planning Professionals for Companies Looking for Growth

As one of the best tax preparation firm in th US, we have helped our clients save more than $29 million in combined taxes. Our team includes certified tax strategists with vast experience serving businesses, families, and individuals. You can trust us for your financial tax planning strategies based on the specific needs of your business.

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Learn how to overcome short-term challenges and focus on growing your business

Here at Finaccurate, we have seen it all and done it all when it comes to helping small businesses and individuals with their tax planning strategies.

We have the best certified tax strategists in the country ready to be proactive for you to ensure that you are getting the most out of your tax filings and saving the most money possible.

Discover What Our Clients Have To Say About Their Experience With Us

I have been working Jay for the past couple years and she is truly an invaluable part of my team!

Her team respond to any of my questions so quickly and they have provided such great insight to helping my business grow!


FinAccurate has been instrumental in helping streamline our bookkeeping.
We’ve always appreciated FinAccurate’s promptness and attention to detail.


We rely on FinAccurate and Jay’s expertise
for our annual close, mid-year analysis and accounting advice and guidance throughout the year. FinAccurate has raised the bar in terms of professionalism …. Read more


Optimize your Bookkeeping & Accounting Processes

Delivering intelligent and scalable accounting services that drive operational efficiency & cost optimization.

Our Accounting & Bookkeeping Services are customized to meet clients’ specific requirements. Our solutions provide financial statements that are regulatory compliant and offer accurate computation of tax liabilities. It thereby eliminates the chances of possible legal and compliance issues.

Industry we served 


Real Estate

Wholesalers and Distributors


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