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Who needs Accounting Advisory Services?

  • 01

    Start-ups: Lay a strong foundation with guidance on accounting systems and tax compliance.
  • 02

    SMEs: Enhance decision-making through accurate financial reporting and cash flow management.
  • 03

    Growing businesses: Expert advice for managing rapid growth and forecasting risks.
  • 04

    Financially challenged businesses: Overcome cash flow issues and declining revenues.
  • 05

    Expanding companies: Plan successful expansions, market entry, and acquisitions.
  • 06

    Restructuring businesses: Smooth transitions during mergers, acquisitions, or divestitures.
  • 07

    Tax audit and dispute resolution: Navigate complex tax regulations and resolve issues.
  • 08

    Succession planning: Seamless transition of ownership with strategic financial planning.

How Does Accounting Advisory Services help your business to grow?

Strategic accounting advisory services encompass a wide range of financial solutions that help businesses grow:

Monthly accounting:

Ensure accurate and timely financial reporting for informed decision-making and regulatory compliance.

Controller services:

Implement robust internal controls, track financial performance, and uphold precise records for audit and compliance purposes.

CFO services:

Get high-level financial expertise for strategic decision-making, financial planning, and risk management.

Cash flow management:

Optimize cash flow by analyzing income and expenses, minimizing delays in receivables, and managing payables.


Develop and monitor budgets to allocate resources efficiently, control costs, and identify areas for improvement.

Forecast models:

Predict future financial performance, identify potential risks, and make proactive adjustments to your business strategy.

Financial analysis:

Gain insights into your business's financial health, identify trends, and evaluate the effectiveness of your strategies.

Business growth planning:

Develop and execute growth plans with the help of accurate data.

Performance monitoring:

Monitor KPIs to assess progress, achieve goals, and make informed, data-driven decisions.

Risk mitigation:

Proactively identify and address potential financial risks, safeguarding your business's long-term stability.

By leveraging these strategic accounting advisory services, businesses can optimize their financial performance, make informed decisions, and drive sustainable growth.


The accounting and reporting landscape continues to evolve with regulatory change. FinAccurate’s accounting advisory services can help you meet complex and evolving accounting needs, from operational and technical accounting to regulatory compliance and financial reporting.


We started working with Jay at FinAccurate, LLC  in late March 2020.  She helped my partner and I during some of the most challenging months of our business.  Jay is extremely knowledgeable, organized and very responsive! She took the time to understand our business and she truly cared about our success.

- Amy Lynch

FRS has been working with the Finaccurate team since 2015.  They manage our Accounting operations from end-to-end: AR, AP, payroll, taxes, reporting – everything!  Jay and her team are truly a pleasure to work with – knowledgeable, detail-oriented, efficient, professional, and responsive.

- Heather Johnson

I have been working Jay for the past couple years and she is truly an invaluable part of my team! Her team respond to any of my questions so quickly and they have provided such great insight to helping my business grow!

- Andrew Litchfield

Is it the time to hire accounting advisory services?

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